Our Corporate Clients

Andersen Consulting

  •  Performance management
  •  Needs assessment
  •  Goal development
  •  Customized programs
  •  Designed instructional programs
  •  Communication workshops
  •  Improving corporate cultures
  •  Developed curriculum for users of information systems worldwide 
  • Trained facilitators to implement plans and manage change
  •  Change management Meeting facilitation and communication skills 
  • Mentoring and coaching for executive presence 

 Baxter Healthcare

  • Used MTBI to develop leadership potential
  • Communication skills
  •  Instructor skills
  •  Professional presentation skills 
  • Helped HR people understand Instructional Design program to facilitate hiring 
  • Strategic planning Mentoring and coaching 

Caremark Professional 

  • Presentations skills
  • General communication skills


  • Targeted employment selection skills
  • Leadership training skills
  • Team building   


  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills  

Household International

  • Performance management system skills (introduction, implementation, and assessment) 


  • Professional presentation skills
  • Instructor skills


  • Instructor skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Art of Networking 
  • Consulting sales   
  • Technical Solutions Corporations Team building skills   

Toys R Us 

  • Developed coaching programs for supervisors and managers 

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Non-Profit Clients

Lions Clubs International

  • Facilitated attraction of new members in several diverse global markets

Peace Brokers International 

  • Facilitated projects designed to help teenage Tsunami victims rebuild productive lives 

 Academic Development Institute 

  • Facilitated workshops to engage non-English speaking parents

American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business

  • Helped university deans understand and implement accreditation standards

Moody Bible Institute 

  • Provided Communication and Meeting Facilitation skills to increase engagement

Roosevelt University 

  • Change management

University of Illinois 

  • Mentorship training for "Making Choices as we Age

American Dental Educational Association 

  • Critical thinking skills website

University of Louisville College of Dentistry

  • Instructional skills, 
  • Critical thinking assessment skills

Baylor College of Dentistry 

  • Critical thinking skills

University of Florida College of Dentistry 

  • Instructional strategies for active learning,
  • Critical thinking skills

University of Florida College of Medicine

  • Instructional strategies for active learning

University of San Francisco College of Dentistry 

  • Critical thinking skills

Dawson Center for Advanced Dental Study 

  • Instructional strategies for active learning 

What our Clients Say

  "Jan's engagement at Citi included providing facilitation of leadership and team building programs critical to our organic growth strategy. Her expert facilitation skills elicited frank discussion about the challenges with starting new centers in new markets and helped our managers to successfully transfer proven skills and knowledge to new geographies and new teams. Jan went beyond understanding the annual business report in order for her to be fluent in our business as well as our culture. Our managers were amazed to learn that Jan had not been an employee at some point in her career--her fluency was that natural.   Jan's professionalism was evident through all of her dealings with our organization. She was mindful of the budget, timely, and true to her commitments. I would recommend Jan for any assignments or engagements without any reservation or hesitation."  Service Category: Leadership & OD Consultant  Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)  Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative