What We Do


Helping organizations leverage the investment in workforce development to maximize their ROI

We are passionate about helping individuals and organizations optimize their potential. 

  • Develop strategic thinkers who will inspire, motivate and engage  employees in collaborative thinking for a positive business impact.  
  • Manage effectively in the changing workplace and develop strategies to lead through change, and   
  • Promote communication skills that enhance relationships and build trust.   

 Our unique model, E3, provides the framework for developing effective leadership practices. The alignment of Ethics, Expertise, and Etiquette results in higher performance and targeted excellence.       

Our Services

We provide strategic talent management solutions to meet your organization’s needs. We design and develop programs that will move your leaders to their next level of performance in leading others and building success in your organization.

We work with Corporations and Individuals to enhance skills in...

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Corporate Strategy Alignment
  • Business Acumen

For a comprehensive list of our products or to discuss a customized approach for your unique goals, please contact us at janvictorconsulting@gmail.com.